The Human Being is made up of several states of consciousness – the mental, the spiritual and the physical. All of these states must be harmonized, harnessed and directed to achieve the health and evergy we desire.

Holistic Healing reveals the Great Truths. Herbalism is the secret gift of Nature, and all that man needs for his medicine’s are found in the plants from Mother Earth. One of Nature’s Laws is that “Every part contains the whole”. This Law can be found in such healing methods as Reflexology or Iridology.

In Reflexology we discover imbalances in the entire body from reflex points in the feet. Iridology examines specific markings in the fibre of the iris which correspond to all parts of the body. Both feet and eyes are just two examples. In the 1800’s one of the forerunners of Holistic Healing, Edgar Cayce (known as the sleeping profit), declared  “The spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and the physical is the result”. Cayce believed that thinking ill thoughts was more harmful to the body than eating poisonous foods. Now we have scientific evidence that confirms this belief as fact.

Our minds are still trying to overcome years of conditioning. Transformation is in the air. There have been great changes in attitudes towards Holistic Alternatives in the past few years. An increasing important factor is fear – real or imagined – drugs and their side effects or of the trauma of operations.

These fears are often well founded. Although I do not wish to lessen the importance of potential life saving drugs or surgery, I feel the limitations of such methods are very apparent, often directing people towards safer treatments which respect the oneness of life.

I began my career in Alternative Healing Methods over 20 years ago. Through careful observation of myself and others, I have found that when we give our bodies adequate nourishment, regular exercise and keep a positive attitude, nature’s boundless healing power will always be there to assist us.