As I contemplate Rheannon and my experience with her over the last year, it is hard to know exactly where to begin or how to describe how this incredible woman has impacted my life. Yes, she is a healer and a role model for powerful women owning their gifts; yes, she can see deeply into what ails a soul and find in her deep and broad tool kit exactly what is best for each individual’s healing; and, yes, her powerful intuition and insight are staggering in their accuracy. How else could she have known how hard I am on myself within mere moments of meeting me? How else can I explain the short visualization that healed the deep sorrow and anger I had carried for decades? All true, and yet, I believe, not the source, the centre of Rheannon’s gift. What she has that separates her from others is her deep caring for humanity and her powerful need to be of service. Rheannon gives of herself to us, those who are lucky enough to be her clients. The miracle of Rheannon is not her knowledge, which is encyclopedic, nor her skill, which is unrivaled; it is her integrity in giving unstintingly of her gifts in service of her clients’ health, happiness and well-being. I am now and will forever be grateful to Rheannon for setting me free – free of pharmaceuticals, toxicity and the fetters that bound me to one plane.

–Kate Hall-Merenda, MBA, Integral Master Coach™

The healing on both a physical and emotional level that I have experienced as a result of being treated by Rheannon Reis has been profound for me. Her wholistic integrative approach has not only helped me to heal the serious rash I originally sought help for, it has allowed me to understand the broader perspective of causes and solutions to health issues. Her knowledge of many modalities is extensive. She treats her clients with the utmost respect and professionalism. I am proud to call her my friend after 10 years of ongoing care.

–Helen Nordemann, London Ont

A LIFESAVER – My story begins October 2010. My health started spiraling out of control. After being a nurse for 25 years in an acute care setting, I was literally knocked off work. This started an extensive and exhaustive process of tests, therapies, both natural and western for chronic pain and fatigue. No one could help. I refused to accept this as I was only 47 years old. Medication did not agree with me, and I truly did not want to medicate, but I dealt with constant, daily pain. I was unable to return to work, but had made attempts to do so, which caused a further spiral of health.

In the spring of 2014, I suspected I was dealing with a Heavy Metal toxicity. I started treating myself as I had used natural health for over 20 years. Within 2 weeks, I was in Emergency by Ambulance. After another 4 trips to Emerg, I was started on Blood Pressure pills and sleeping pills, but continued to feel worse. I required family to care for me as I was so weak.

Then, on April 24th 2014, I was referred to Rheannon. She new immediately what I was dealing with. I started her treatment plan and noted positive changes within 24 hours.

1 week, 1 month later, I started getting my life back. Pain and fatigue lessened. I felt a confidence in my ability to heal with the loving support of Rheannon. Her skills and her passion to help others was a Miracle to me.

In July, 3 months later, I started working with Rheannon. I feel honored to be a part of the magic at Natures Secrets. I can’t Thank Rheannon enough for believing in me and helping me to get my life back. FOREVER GRATEFUL

–Sandi Rossi, Parkhill Ont

I have known Rheannon Reis since 2002. After four years of numerous doctors appointments, testing, and seeing different specialists. My family physician referred me to her. (He is actually a client of her”s too.) Prior to seeing Rheannon I lost twenty pounds within a short period of time due to a major digestive disorder. My diaphragm was in spasm, I was not sleeping,I was tired all day, I was in immense pain so much that I could barely be hugged. To top it off with, I had lost my voice for six weeks, and I had to whisper through my whole first appointment with her. Rheannon’s medical intuitive skills were astounding. In her first two hour assessment of me she had figured out exactly what treatment I needed. After my first session with Rheannon I had my voice back. My doctor was amazed! Since then Rheannon has been my primary health care provider. I am now symptom free, and I have my health back. I would highly recommend Rheannon to anyone who has major health issues, or just wanting to improve on their own health. Be prepared to learn, grow, be open minded, and it will require self discipline , focus, and if you listen to her you will improve over time. It does take some patience, as it is not an instant cure, or a band aid approach. You are building a new foundation for health. You will not regret it. I feel Rheannon has been a blessing in my life.

–Beverly Chapman, London Ont

My name is Bonita and I have been a client of Rheannon’s for many years. Before seeing her my health wasn’t the greatest to the point I wasn’t even able to conceive bc I was lacking of nutrients. Now I am proud to say I have a beautiful healthy baby boy. So naturally my son is also a client of hers and thriving well

–Bonita Bajric, LondonOn

Before I met Rheannon my purse was like a pharmacy and my health was very poor. She shared her vast knowledge with me helping me to understand how my body works and has really helped me. Since I have been following Rheannon’s advice my health has improved immensely along with my quality of life and I couldn’t be happier! I am so grateful to God for this hidden treasure that is Rheannon. She has a true gift of healing and this is shown through her passion for her work and most importantly the results themselves. Rheannon is so knowledgeable (constantly taking courses and learning), so helpful and really cares about you. Trust me you won’t want to leave her office. The energy is so amazing and after your appointment you will feel great! Thank you for everything Rheannon!

–Despina Gutierrez, Toronto On

Rheannon saved my son from an unnecessary tonsillectomy by recommending simple dietary changes and has cleared up a dental fistula with an essential oil formulation. Her medical intuitions are second to none! Thank you Rheannon!

–Tanya Bub, Victoria, BC

I’ve been a client of Rheannon’s for 5yrs now, let me tell you she is AMAZING in every way!!!! The knowledge that she has and the gift of healing she gives is unbelievable!! I personally can say she’s changed my life I feel 80% better thanks to Rheannon (the 20% my fault!!! I’m human lol)I recommend my friends and family and to all who is curious out there give a Rheannon a chance to help you understand what’s going on in your body mind and soul, she’s non judgmental, beautiful inside and out and makes you 100% comfortable!

— Ana Goncalves, London, Ontario

Nature Secrets has brought a balance into my life of health and well being. Rheannon is exceptional in her field and has helped my family and I with varying health issues over the years. The results my family and I have experienced speaks volumes for Rheannon’s dedication, knowledge and passion for her work. I am truly grateful. Thank you!

— Maria Bajric, B.C., Canada

I’ve been blessed to have known Rheannon for over a decade of my life. She has not only helped me heal from the inside out, by helping me navigate my way through life with her crystal clear intuition & light, but she has also provided me the space, as a positive loving feminine presence in my life, to come up with solutions to my problems. She empowers people to make healthy & wise choices for themselves while creating a safe space for her clients to tap into their own inner knowing and higher self for the deeper truths. She walks her talk and stands as one of the front runners of our time, not only in the health and wellness field, but also as a powerful healthy female role model for our time! Rheannon is absolutely, metaphysically enlightening!

— Katie Campbell, Kitchener, ON