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WHY OZONE? Ozone Therapy is accomplished by the process of “electrifying” 1000 watts of electricity through an oxygen atom and bonding with Oxygen creating Ozone, which is brought to steam and applied to the body through a concentrator hose for the purpose of entering the body when pores are opened from the steam created in the Sonnet Steam Sauna.

Increased oxygen consumption can benefit:

DIGESTION – when the liver does not receive enough oxygen, gastric juices are too diluted because it takes calcium, water and oxygen to produce gastric juices. When the digestin is poor, food is not assimilated properly which encourages overeating because nourishment is needed.

Over weight people are always oxygen starved. They need more oxygen to burn fuel (food), to produce heat and to assist the body to eliminate wastes.

AGING – when there is a lack of oxygen the body is unable to assimilate Vitamin C properly. There is a collagen breakdown, a lack of oxygen is why body organs grow old, permitting arteries and veins to harden. It is the primary cause of strokes and degeneration of the brain.

EMOTIONAL and MENTAL UPSETS – people lacking oxygen suffer mental and emotional upsets. They hold grudges and feel anxiety. Memory declines and germ life multiplies. Sociability requires oxygen, for when you’re oxygenated you’re vivacious.

DIABETES – when there is too much sugar in the blood the brain cannot get enough oxygen. Diabetes related deaths are often caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. High blood sugar starves the brain of oxygen.

“All mammalian tissues depend for their survival and health on an adequate oxygen uptake and therefore ozone would benefit every person through optimizing tissue oxygeneration. The therapeutic use of ozone has an excellent safety record and no toxic effects have been observed from clinical use. The benefits are predictable and without side effects”.

… Saul Pressman & Fritz Schellander, “The Story of Ozone”


Fat burning
Speeds up metabolic process
Relieves Emotional & Mental Upsets
Stimulates the Immune System
Cleans Arteries & Veins
Purifies Blood & Lymph
Normalizes Hormone & Enzyme Production
Improves Brain Function & Memory
Reduces Pain, Stress & Calms Nerves